Volkswagen keynote at CES Las Vegas

Client: Martin Kuhn
Occupation: Assistent lighting designer

Verstehen Sie Spass (candid camera)

Client: Gerdon Design
Occupation: keylight operator

One of the most traditional TV shows in Germany. Since 1980 it´s a regular part of the program. In the beginning the show had over 20 million viewers and nowadays it´s around 5-6 million what is still 18-19% of the possible viewers.

Ran Boxen on SAT.1

Client: MLD
Occupation: effect light operator

Berlin Summer Rave

Client: Boris Kayser
Occupation: assistent lighting designer / operator

BMW Press Conference

Client: C2 Fachplaner GmbH
Occupation: DOP / Assistent Lighting Designer

Star Quiz on ARD

Client: Peer Langemak
Occupation: Mediaserver Operator

Willkommen bei Mario Barth on RTL

Client: mo2 design GmbH
Occupation: effect light operator

Nature One Century Circus

Client: Christoph Schneider
Occupation: Mediaserver Operator

Word premier of the new AUDI TT

Client: Martin Kuhn
Occupation: assistent lighting designer